Claudia (circa1964) wrote in antianklepant,

Anti-Ankle Pants

Hello, and welcome to antianklepant, a community derived from two teen girls' utter disgust and hatred for pants that are obviously too short for the wearer. Be you a nerd, a mom, or someone stuck in the 80's or early 90's, you probably know what ankle pants are.

Ankle pants are a fashion disaster causing the wearer's legs to look short and stubby. In dire instances, the wearer's socks show up between the space left from the end of the pant to the top of the shoe. In these instances, one is left to conclude that the wearer is a moron.

Now, be you a self-obsessed fashionista, a fellow ankle pant-hater, or an actual ankle pant victim who would like to seek help, this community is for you.

All that is required of you is a distaste for pants ending above the ankle. So, please, join our humble community, and let us help -and bash- those of us too blinded by the changing times to change their pants.
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